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July 4, 2024

Sustainability at the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones Studio Tour, one of the largest indoor visitor attractions on the island of Ireland, is a world-class ultra-low-carbon facility located in Banbridge, Co Down. Since opening in February 2022, the Studio Tour has taken great steps to minimise its environmental impact.


Recycling stations are located throughout the Seven Kingdoms. The restaurant and café provide high-quality reusable cutlery, crockery, and glassware, and, when unavoidable, FSC-certified disposable wooden cutlery, plates and cups are the only other options.


Shuttle bus and coach transfers are the only way to reach the Studio Tour. The initiative aims to reduce traffic throughflow in the surrounding neighbourhoods.


This involves preserving natural habitats, promoting eco-friendly practices, and supporting local wildlife conservation efforts. Game of Thrones Studio Tour works with USPCA to protect the wildlife on site and provide volunteering opportunities for Studio Tour staff.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: USPCA supported the safe release of a bat named ‘Minissa’ at Game of Thrones Studio Tour.


The Studio Tour supports its staff in sustainable practices by providing 2GoCups, reducing waste and encouraging participation in sustainable actions. Additionally, in-house incentive schemes and onsite cycle shelters promote active travel among employees.


Located on a 30-acre site with net-positive biodiversity, Game of Thrones Studio Tour has implemented significant measures to enhance the local ecosystem. These include a wildflower meadow, bird and bat boxes, rewilding areas, and extensive tree-planting efforts. A herb garden created from upcycled filing cabinets grows to produce for the studio restaurant, underlining a commitment to circular economy principles.


Working closely with local suppliers and businesses prioritising sustainable practices, the studio leverages its influence to advocate for environmental responsibility within the broader community.


The studio prioritises water conservation by using low-flow toilets, IR faucets, and water recycling systems. An on-site water treatment plant, reed beds, and a sustainable urban drainage system effectively manage wastewater and stormwater.

The Studio Tour received the UKInbound award for ‘Sustainable Tourism Provider of the Year’ in 2023 and the Irish News Workplace & Employment award for ‘Best Sustainable Business – SME’ in 2024. Game of Thrones Studio Tour commits to showcasing the captivating world of Westeros whilst treading lightly on the planet, for years to come. 

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