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April 5, 2024

Game of Thrones Studio Tour - an inclusive, unmissable experience for all

Here at Game of Thrones Studio Tour we celebrate an experience as diverse as Westeros itself!

If a bustling King's Landing feels overwhelming or a dragon's roar a bit too much (even The Mother of Dragons needs a break sometimes), we offer alternative solutions to a comfortable journey. Discover how Game of Thrones Studio Tour is an accessible, sensory-friendly experience, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

Game of Thrones Studio Tour offers:

On-site accessibility parking

On-site parking for guests with special needs. Please get in touch with and we will be more than happy to accommodate the required arrangements.

Noise cancelling headphones

Parts of our Studio Tour can seem noisy, especially when busy, and we understand this can become stimulating and overwhelming too. If you would like to make your experience more tranquil, our staff can provide you with noise-cancelling headphones or recommend visiting hours which may be quieter.

Wheelchair & mobility scooter accessible

Game of Thrones Studio Tour is a single-level experience and is completely accessible for both wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Here’s a visitor enjoying our immersive interactions!

Area Description & Speech-to-text option on Audio Guides

Our Studio Tour app allows you to hear a detailed audio description of each set as you journey through Westeros. Similarly, a speech-to-text feature allows the user to read the content of the audio tour. We cover both areas so you can choose one best-suited to you! 

Carer Benefits

The Studio Tour provides one free carer ticket per paying disabled adult guest (age 16+).

To book a carer ticket, contact our Visitor Services Team in advance of your visit.

You may be required to provide proof of disability or carer status upon arrival at Game of Thrones Studio Tour. We currently accept the following:

  • Letter/notice of entitlement for Disability Living Allowance or PIP
  • Blue parking badge or Freedom Pass
  • DID card or Access card
  • An international equivalent of the above

Should you require a carer ticket please contact our Visitor Services Team on: +44 28 40 464 777 or email:

JAM Trained Staff

Our Visitor Services staff are JAM trained (Just A Minute of patience). This way, customers with additional needs should feel comfortable in approaching our staff, who will do their best to make sure any assistance required is provided.


The facilities, operational procedures, and staff training at Game of Thrones Studio Tour combine to ensure that any guest can enjoy every element of the Studio Tour. Being committed to our inclusiveness means our Studio Tour is accessible and offers a range of services such as a sensory room.

Our staff can always be of assistance to ensure your experience is unforgettable. Through working closely with accessibility champions, we continue to strive to improve our overall visitor experience.

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